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In addition to securing the data center, we provides real value to businesses by making sure that applications are always available, optimized, secured, and the business has all of the visibility and reporting to make sure that they can prove compliance and prove service levels. Ongoing budget constraints and a mounting requirement for increasingly robust data-center security have created a scenario where enterprises need to do more for less. IT-Services, the best application delivery controller for building enterprise cloud networks, is a perfect fit for this situation. Combining an extensive portfolio of application, network, and user—layer security capabilities with a rich ecosystem of interoperable partner products, IT-Services enables today’s enterprises to leverage their existing infrastructure to establish and extend upon a robust, cost effective foundation for next-generation data-center architecture.


"On-prem" refers to private data centres that companies house in their own facilities and maintain themselves. On-prem infrastructure can be used to run private clouds, in which compute resources are virtualised in much the same way as those of public clouds

Cloud Solution

Both on-prem and cloud computing can provide your business with the IT infrastructure it needs. The model you choose will likely depend on the level of security you need in order to meet compliance standards and on the cost structure you prefer. Here’s a look at how the two models compare.